have you ever had troubles with your nvidia?

yeah, i have had! but, after some hours of a terrible configuration marathon, i made it! so, what was the problem? i have a acer travelmate 634i with a nvidia geforce2 go graphic card. as you maybe know, i am a teacher – so i have to use a beamer for the presentations in my lessons. till now, there were no troubles with my system – the only mistake was the operating system. this circumstance has been changed couple of weeks ago. now, ubuntu is running this little machine … i also achieved to install everything for the xgl-support – and it looks great !!! BUT, there was a problem two days ago … i tried to connect the beamer from school – but i didn’t get a picture 🙁 i tried really everything – i think i got more than 6 nice versions of my xorg.conf file – but none of those worked! i studied the nvidia-xorg-appendixes from the first line to the last (config options and configuring-twinview), but no success …

but hey, i made it at last! how? i removed the legacy drivers and installed the good old plain nvidia-glx package … and everything is fine! at last, the xgl works a little bit faster – or its my imagination :-/ here is my xorg.conf file! if you need assistance, drop me a line …

the only little problem which persist is the empty nvidia-settings window … i am not able to configure my video-card in the x-server. i’ll make this too!

stay tuned!

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