how to access your lost linux

have you ever installed windows on a running linux machine? or have you crashed your system, that you have had no access anymore? yeah, i know it is absolutely evil – but sh.. happens! here we are again …

  • take a knoppix-cd or another live-linux-cd and boot it
  • mount the root-partion of your linux system on the harddisk in rw-format e.g. into /mnt/hda?
  • mount also all the necessary directories into the mounted root, such as the /boot if it is on another partion
  • this step was a little bit heavy, because there were a lot of different opinions:

mount -t devpts none /mnt/hda?/dev
mount -t proc none /mnt/hda?/proc

  • here we mount the necessary things for accessing the hw! but there were probs with the /dev, so i found another hint:

mount -t none /dev /mnt/hda?/dev -o bind

  • and then we must chroot to the root partion:

chroot /mnt/hda?

  • in the chroot-environment we can work as usual … so edit the lilo.conf and start lilo! et voila!

here we have the informations in the www … some info from a forum. if you need more informations, here is a guide to do it in the otherway. and if you want a nice how2 look here!

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