iexplorer and other win-stuff under linux

hi folks!tuxit

found two nice pages, which are helping out in a very bothering topic – how to get windoze progs running under linux. so, the first problem was my router at home – the configuration website of it only shows up if you are using the iexplorer 🙁 here is the solution … ies4linux is a really easy way to run this “browser” under linux!

searching for some bugtracks for wine, i found also this really handy page with a lot of useful hints and progs. the little tux-pic is linked from there!

wish you happy working!

1 thought on “iexplorer and other win-stuff under linux

  1. MatthiasF

    Hehe, which Router are you using? I’d suggest getting a new one 😉
    I’ve been on that page before, I found it as I wanted to install iTunes under Linux. I didn’t manage to install it, but I really liked the site.



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