ubuntu update to 9.04 :: missing alt+f2

hi folks!

finally i initiated an update … but there were some problems:

  • lost the possibility to start the “run application” over the alt+f2 shortcut
  • lost the main-menu alt+f1 shortcut
  • no ctrl+alt+bkspc shortcut anymore

so, i started some research action on the www …

  • this page gave me the first hint, but i have had to change following line “event.data.l[1] = (Time)0;” to following “event.data.l[1] = (Time) time(NULL);” to get a auto-focused window!
  • no solution yet for the main-menu (tried to fix metacity, but without success)
  • all the other things found on this page!

happy fixing!

1 thought on “ubuntu update to 9.04 :: missing alt+f2

  1. mike

    hmmm … finally found the real problem-maker … haven’t activated the plugin: “Gnome Compatibility” (gnomecompat) in compiz! after adding it to the active plugins, it works again!

    best regards!


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