why to know c and to be old-school

hey folks,

there is a wonderful post describing why to know the basics … and how it provides you a really great advantage! i often try to explain it to my students and only a handful of them realise it!

so, enjoy it … http://www.codelord.net/2011/02/22/you-owe-it-to-yourself-to-be-old-school/

for example, a really good question is:

Learn C and some systems programming and you have the ability to grasp basics of most tools you use. How can you spot and truly understand memory leaks without having to manage memory allocation by yourself?

and don’t forget the security issues:

And the reasons just go on and on. Reading important functions from the Linux kernel will help you understand why Java suddenly won’t fork child processes. Knowing how known security issues work (injections, buffer overflows, etc.) is the only way for you to catch security mistakes at the drawing-on-the-board stage and not at the shit-the-DB-is-stolen stage.

and those provided links are mandatory:

Do yourself good – read K&R for some C understanding. Read the first chapters of TCP/IP Illustrated. Read Linux Kernel Development (3rd Edition) for a nice walk-through of the interesting parts. This knowledge won’t get obsolete anytime soon. Can you say that about your favorite framework?

thanks for all the fish!

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