deep c

sorry guys for spamming today,

but “hacker news” got a really interesting link to slideshare [1]. what will you find there? here is the summary of 445 pages 😉

• compiler and linker
• declaration vs definition
• activation frame
• memory segments
• memory alignment
• sequence points
• evaluation order
• undefined vs unspecified
• optimization
• something about C++
• proper initialization of objects
• object lifetimes
• vtables
• rule of 3
• … and something about attitude and professionalism

don’t be afraid … there are not 445*80 lines of dry lecture on those slides. you will find jokes and humor – but the wisdom won’t come too short, believe me!


2 thoughts on “deep c

  1. Patrick

    Great slides though my browser almost crashed after 400 slides because ff didn’t release some unused memory.
    Btw nice to see that hackernews is in your everyday reading list now too.

    P.S.: I wouldn’t classify writing about good stuff more frequently as spamming 😉


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