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i’ve forgotten to post this cool link … here are some facts about it [1]:

How is JPEGmini different from JPEG?

JPEGmini files are optimized JPEG files, whose parameters have been tuned to significantly reduce the file size without affecting perceptual quality.

How does JPEGmini compare with JPEG2000, JPEG-XR, WebP, or other image formats?

JPEGmini uses the standard baseline JPEG format, which is by far the established market leader in the image compression space. Newer formats such as JPEG2000, JPEG-XR and WebP have not gained any significant market share yet. Although these formats presumably offer better compression than JPEG, JPEGmini’s unique recompression technology can produce JPEG files that are smaller in size than corresponding JPEG2000, JPEG-XR or WebP files.

What is the typical file size reduction I can expect from JPEGmini?

This depends on the resolution and quality of the original photo. For high-quality, high resolution photos produced by digital cameras, you can expect a reduction of 50%-80% in file size.

so, before you start attaching monstrous jpeg photos to your email – shrink them with!


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