iphone4 and 802.11n

hey folks,

couple of days ago i was wondering why my new access point was so lame (transmitting some big files through wifi). so i’ve decided to tweak it a little bit up and use the 5ghz band. it was really a improvement for large file transmissions, because my environment here is full of disturbers. but, i was really pissed-off as i noticed that my iphone was unable to connect to my network anymore. yeah, iphones are 802.11n ready, but only with 2.4ghz 🙁

here i have some links for you …

iphone 4 has 802.11n, but not the “awesome” 802.11n
which is better: 802.11n 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz?
802.11n 2.4 ghz vs. 5 ghz

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