simple c++ client/server encryption corba example

hey folks,

my students are running crazy :mrgreen:
they have to understand corba, based on this great example [1]. but they fail on using orbacus [2] and/or omniorb. so i have to help them.

first of all i want to make one thing clear: i don’t want to implement this stuff on windows. two years ago i made it, and that should be enough. it is much easier to implement and make it work under linux than with windows! so keep it simple stupid! i’ll now explain the installation of orbacus, because omniorb is out of the box: apt-get install omniorb

download orbacus for both languages (there will be an additional task: write a java client/server and let them intercommunicate). i don’t know why, but use the zip file instead of the tar.gz – there were some missing header files … unzip it to the desired location (i used $HOME/bin/orbacus_cpp) and the game can begin!

  1. change to the path and run the pre-configuration script: ./runconfig
  2. pick up the corresponding answers to the questions (e.g. b->bash; 5->GCC 3.4.x/4.1.x/4.3.x; yes; no; yes; [ ]; [ ]; [ ]; [ ]; /home/mike/bin/orbacus_cpp)
  3. then start the config script with: . ./go
  4. after everything went fine, fire up the compilation process with make and head for a coffee …
  5. finish the installation with make install as superuser
  6. now edit your $HOME/.bashrc file (the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is for the binaries of orbacus, e.g. the idl compiler):
    if [ -d “$HOME/bin/orbacus_cpp” ] ; then export PATH=”$PATH:$HOME/bin/orbacus_cpp/bin” && export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$HOME/bin/orbacus_cpp/lib” ; fi
  7. it is possible to add the “LIBRARY_PATH” also to the bashrc, but we will check this in the Makefile! now we have to download the sourcecode of Carlos …
  8. use this makefile to successfully compile the code! for omniorb you have to change the -I and -L arguments 😉

after compiling the code you can adopt the */ini*.bat files for running the example! et voila …

wish you happy coding!

[1] A Simple C++ Client/Server in CORBA, Carlos Jiménez de Parga, Sep 2009, Online:;
[2] Orbacus, Progress Software, Online:;

2 thoughts on “simple c++ client/server encryption corba example

  1. Manuel

    At my computer the compiling-process only worked correctly when I did not install the shared library. Error Message:
    ../../bin/idl -I. –dll-import OB_IMR_IMPORT -I../../idl –this-header-dir OB ../../idl/OB/IMR.idl
    ../../bin/idl: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Do you want to create shared libraries?
    ….when running the runconfig file


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