Sonos and Linux

Hey folks,

I like my Sonos, it is a gorgeous Soundsystem! Especially the multiroom function works like a charm. It is indeed a smart speaker system 😉
But, there are two things I don’t like at all: First, there is no Linux client. Second, is it not quite easy to play music from any device on the Sonos speakers.

The first problem I’ve solved with help out of the Sonos community forum. By the way I was introduced to a quite nice feature of the chrome/chromium browser, this could be very handy also for other applications.
Here is a easy going how-to for controlling your Sonos system out of a Linux machine:

  1. Install the ARC Welder app in your chromium browser
  2. Search for the newest Sonos Android App at Google Playstore
  3. Download the newest APK from the APKMirror (check the version with the one you got from the second step)
  4. Install the downloaded APK in the ARC Welder
  5. Start the Sonos App

I’ve also linked the Sonos App to my Desktop – it works like a charm 😉

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