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new gallery software

hi folks!

here we are, a new gallery plugin for wordpress has been installed. couple of days ago, i checked the wordpress plugin site for some new gimmicks and there i’ve found the nextgen gallery plugin. first, i had some troubles with my flash-movie clock – it was every time in the foreground. no chance to get this movie behind the picture. so i’ve decided to remove the clock 🙁

the old coppermine site of mine will be set deprecated 🙄 haven’t decided what i’ll do with it. if anyone want to know how to use the nggallery, here is a good site!

so, i invite you to take a look at the galleries

combustion is out …

tesla roadstermy first reaction was: WOW! this is a really great car … you don’t have to concern if the oil price again is raising. BUT, and that’s the point: haven’t it been a really pity – those electrical driven cars where lame and slow! but fasten your seatbelt!!! this tesla car will blow away your hat … look for yourself!

How It Works

When you build a car that’s electric, you start with one built-in advantage: Electric cars just don’t have to be as complex mechanically as the car you’re probably driving now. Sophisticated electronics and software take the place of the pounds and pounds of machinery required to introduce a spark and ignite the fuel that powers an internal combustion engine.

For example, the typical four-cylinder engine of a conventional car comprises over a hundred moving parts. By comparison, the motor of the Tesla Roadster has just one: the rotor. So there’s less weight to drive around and fewer parts that could break or wear down over time.

But the comparison doesn’t end with the counting of moving parts. The engine and transmission of a conventional car also need lubricating oils, filters, coolant, clutches, spark plugs and wires, a PCV valve, oxygen sensors, a timing belt, a fan belt, a water pump and hoses, a catalytic converter, and a muffler — all items requiring service, and all items that aren’t needed in an electric car.

The Tesla Roadster’s elegantly designed powertrain consists of just the four main components discussed below. Mind you, these aren’t “off-the-shelf” components, and each includes innovations, both small and large. But when you build a car from the ground up, you have the luxury of questioning every assumption — and to distill as you reinvent.

… waiting for it 😯

where do you want to mail today?

hi folks!

have you ever had the problem with a “you have to give your email-address to us, to get our service” … but, there is the problem with a database of spammers, and you are absolutely sure, that your email will end up in such a db. there is a solution:

think about a nick, or a name, or etc.etc.etc. and put a “” behind it … fill up the registration form … and look up the mail at … there you’ll find the sent email! et voila! 🙂

nobody has your real email, and you can register for everything you want – without be scared to be put in any spam-db!

wish you a nice day!

yours, mike

heroes has been aired

hi folks!

finally!!! heroes has been on air tonight … so, i have already started the download … season2 episode1 is in my download-queue … if you want to know the bittorrent-link … here it is!

wish you happy downloading!

good night!