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Oral-B and their toothbrushes with Li-Ion

I like the electrical toothbrushes, but I didn’t like the memory effect they got after some years of loading their accumulators (prevalent uses NiMh in their devices). So I want to thank Matcher for his review of Oral-B toothbrushs and their batteries, I didn’t want to buy NiMh accumulators anymore, so his list of models with Li-Ion is very handy. Thanks for your invested time!
Pro 2 Models (important is the '2', Pro 2 = Li-Ion;  Pro = NiMh):
Pro 2 2900
Pro 2 2950N
Pro 2 2700
Pro 2 2500
Pro 2 2000N
Pro 2 2000S
Smart without 'Series' = Li-Ion (Smart x = Li-Ion; SmartSeries = NiMh):
Smart 4 4000N
Smart 5 5000N
Smart 6 6000N
Genius 8000N
Genius 8900
Genius 9000N
Genius 9900